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NoFlood® Filter Installation and Warranty


  1. Use grate lifting hooks or winch system to lift up the grate, Set grate to the side.
  2. Lower the NoFlood® Filter into the basin, leaving only the lifting flaps (fabric above the stitch line) above ground. (This will ensure that all overflow areas will function properly)
  3. Use the grate lifting hooks or winch system to pick up the grate and place it back on top of the NoFlood® Filter.
  4. Double check to make sure that the flaps are out of the grate lining, and the overflows can be seen.

All BMP's (Best Management Practices) need to be monitored and serviced regularly to prevent debris and sediment from reaching the overflows

filter install 1
filter install 2
filter install 3
filter install 4
filter install 5
filter install 6


  1. Use grate lifting hooks to lift the grate, and set to the side
  2. Slide each lifting rod through the NoFlood® lifting sleeves so that they are parallel to each other.
  3. Use the lifting rods to pull the filter vertically out of the grate.
  4. Dispose of contents, and used filter, as described below.
filter removal 1
filter removal 3
filter removal 4


  1. If used, no special precautions are necessary. If used, dispose of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. (Including if the bag retained debris)
  2. In certain types of cleanup applications the nature of the material will classify the resulting spent material as hazardous.
  3. When the material is deemed hazardous it should be disposed of via an approved hazardous waste disposal service and the appropriate manifest obtained.


Our NoFlood® Filters come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


Please contact us for assistance in warranty exchange or replacement.